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The Pet Concierge: Your Trusted Pet Sitter in New York

The Pet Concierge


When it comes to finding the best care for your furry friends in New York City, look no further than The Pet Concierge. As a premier pet sitter, dog walker, cat boarding service, and dog trainer, The Pet Concierge offers top-notch care and personalized services for your beloved pets. Located at 175 W 93rd St, New York, NY 10025, The Pet Concierge is situated in the heart of Manhattan, making it convenient for pet owners across the city. With a stellar 5-star rating and glowing reviews from satisfied customers, you can trust The Pet Concierge to provide the utmost care and attention to your pets.

Services Offered

The Pet Concierge specializes in a range of pet care services, ensuring that your furry friends receive the best care possible. Here are some of the services they offer:

Dog Walking

If you’re unable to take your dog out for regular walks, The Pet Concierge is here to help. Their experienced dog walkers will ensure that your furry friend gets the exercise and fresh air they need to stay happy and healthy. With flexible scheduling and personalized attention, The Pet Concierge’s dog walking service is tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Cat Boarding

Heading out of town and need a safe and comfortable space for your feline friend? The Pet Concierge offers cat boarding services that will put your mind at ease. Their dedicated staff will provide a cozy environment for your cat, complete with playtime, interactive toys, and a comfortable resting area.

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Dog Training

Is your furry friend in need of some obedience training or behavior modification? The Pet Concierge has experienced dog trainers who can help. They offer personalized training sessions to address specific behavioral issues and ensure that your dog becomes a well-behaved companion.

Pet Sitting

If you’re unable to be at home for extended periods, The Pet Concierge offers reliable pet sitting services. Whether it’s daily check-ins or overnight stays, their trained professionals will ensure that your pets are well-cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Why Choose The Pet Concierge?

Experienced and Trustworthy

With years of experience in the industry, The Pet Concierge has built a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable pet care provider. Their team of dedicated professionals is passionate about animals and committed to providing the highest level of care for your pets.

Convenient Location

Situated in Manhattan, The Pet Concierge’s central location makes it easy for pet owners across New York City to access their services. Whether you’re in the Upper West Side or beyond, their convenient location ensures that your pet’s needs are met with ease.

Personalized Attention

At The Pet Concierge, they understand that each pet is unique and has specific needs. That’s why they offer personalized attention and customized care plans to cater to your pet’s individual requirements. From dietary preferences to exercise routines, The Pet Concierge will ensure that your pet feels loved and cared for.

24/7 Availability

Your pet’s well-being is their top priority, which is why The Pet Concierge is available 24/7. Whether you need emergency assistance or have a last-minute request, their dedicated team is always ready to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: How do I book a service with The Pet Concierge?
    A: Booking a service with The Pet Concierge is easy. Simply visit their website or give them a call to schedule an appointment.

  2. Q: Are the dog walkers insured?
    A: Yes, all dog walkers at The Pet Concierge are insured and trained to handle dogs of all sizes and breeds.

  3. Q: Can I visit the facility before booking?
    A: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, facility visits are currently unavailable. However, you can schedule a virtual tour to get a glimpse of their facilities.

  4. Q: Do they offer pet transportation services?
    A: Yes, The Pet Concierge offers pet transportation services for vet appointments, grooming sessions, and more.

  5. Q: Are the boarding facilities clean and safe?
    A: Absolutely! The Pet Concierge maintains a clean and safe environment for all boarded pets, ensuring their well-being at all times.

  6. Q: What are the payment options?
    A: The Pet Concierge accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, cash, and online transfers.

  7. Q: Can I provide my pet’s food during their stay?
    A: Yes, you can bring your pet’s preferred food, treats, and toys to ensure they have everything they need during their stay.

  8. Q: Do they offer overnight pet sitting?
    A: Yes, The Pet Concierge provides overnight pet sitting services for pet owners who need extended care.

  9. Q: How are the dog trainers qualified?
    A: The Pet Concierge’s dog trainers are certified and experienced in various training techniques to address different behavioral issues.

  10. Q: Is The Pet Concierge licensed and insured?
    A: Yes, The Pet Concierge is fully licensed and insured to provide pet care services in New York City.

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In conclusion, The Pet Concierge is the go-to pet sitter in New York City, offering a range of services catered to the needs of your furry friends. With their experienced staff, convenient location, and personalized attention, you can trust The Pet Concierge to provide the highest level of care for your pets. Whether you need a dog walker, cat boarding service, dog trainer, or pet sitter, The Pet Concierge has you covered. Book their services today and give your pets the care they deserve.

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