Puppy Boutique

Puppy Boutique: Your One-Stop Shop for Adorable Puppies

Puppy Boutique

Finding the perfect furry companion for your family can be an exciting yet challenging task. With numerous pet stores and dog breeders to choose from, it’s crucial to find a reputable establishment that prioritizes the well-being of their animals. Look no further than Puppy Boutique, a premier dog breeder and pet store located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

About Puppy Boutique

Puppy Boutique is not your average pet store. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for connecting families with happy and healthy puppies, they have earned a stellar reputation in the industry. Offering a wide range of dog breeds, Puppy Boutique ensures that each puppy is well-cared for, socialized, and ready to become a beloved member of your family.

The Perfect Puppy for You

At Puppy Boutique, they understand that every family is unique, and their needs and preferences when selecting a puppy vary. With a diverse selection of dog breeds, Puppy Boutique aims to match you with the perfect four-legged friend that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Whether you’re looking for a small and cuddly companion or an active and playful buddy, Puppy Boutique has you covered. From adorable Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs to energetic Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers, you’ll find a variety of breeds to choose from.

Why Choose Puppy Boutique?

When it comes to finding a reputable dog breeder or pet store, Puppy Boutique stands out for several reasons:

1. Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, Puppy Boutique’s knowledgeable staff is well-equipped to guide you through the process of selecting and caring for a new puppy. They can provide valuable insights on breed characteristics, training tips, and proper nutrition.

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2. Health and Welfare of Puppies

Puppy Boutique prioritizes the health and well-being of their puppies above all else. They work closely with veterinarians to ensure that each puppy receives proper vaccinations, regular check-ups, and a clean bill of health before leaving their care.

3. Variety of Breeds

From teacup Yorkies to giant Great Danes, Puppy Boutique offers a wide range of dog breeds to suit different preferences and lifestyles. Whether you’re searching for a hypoallergenic breed or a family-friendly companion, you’ll find the perfect match at Puppy Boutique.

4. Service Options

Puppy Boutique understands that convenience is key for many families. That’s why they offer various service options, including in-store shopping and delivery. You can choose the method that suits you best, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

5. Customer Reviews and Ratings

With a remarkable rating of 4.0 stars and over 1,060 reviews, Puppy Boutique has built a strong reputation within the community. Many satisfied customers have praised their exceptional customer service and the health and temperament of their puppies.

Visiting Puppy Boutique

Puppy Boutique is conveniently located at 8002 17th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214. Situated in the heart of Bensonhurst, their store is easily accessible and a haven for dog lovers.

Store Hours

  • Monday: 11AM-8PM
  • Tuesday: 11AM-8PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM-8PM
  • Thursday: 9AM-9PM
  • Friday: 10:30AM-9PM
  • Saturday: 10:30AM-9PM
  • Sunday: 10:30AM-7PM

Contact Information


  1. Q: Can I visit Puppy Boutique to see the puppies in person?
    A: Yes, Puppy Boutique welcomes visitors who are interested in meeting their adorable puppies.

  2. Q: Are the puppies at Puppy Boutique vaccinated?
    A: Absolutely! Puppy Boutique ensures that all their puppies are up to date with vaccinations.

  3. Q: Can I purchase pet supplies at Puppy Boutique?
    A: Yes, Puppy Boutique offers a selection of high-quality pet supplies to cater to your furry friend’s needs.

  4. Q: Does Puppy Boutique provide delivery services?
    A: Yes, Puppy Boutique offers delivery services for your convenience.

  5. Q: Are the puppies at Puppy Boutique well-socialized?
    A: Puppy Boutique takes great care to ensure that their puppies are well-socialized and ready to join their forever homes.

  6. Q: How often should I take my puppy to the veterinarian?
    A: It is recommended to take your puppy for regular check-ups and vaccinations as advised by your veterinarian.

  7. Q: Are there any hypoallergenic breeds available at Puppy Boutique?
    A: Yes, Puppy Boutique offers a variety of hypoallergenic breeds for individuals with allergies.

  8. Q: Can I reserve a specific puppy in advance?
    A: Yes, Puppy Boutique allows customers to reserve a puppy in advance with a deposit.

  9. Q: Does Puppy Boutique provide training advice for new puppy owners?
    A: Yes, Puppy Boutique’s knowledgeable staff can provide valuable training tips and advice to help you and your puppy succeed.

  10. Q: What payment methods does Puppy Boutique accept?
    A: Puppy Boutique accepts credit cards and debit cards for your convenience.

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In conclusion, Puppy Boutique is more than just a pet store or dog breeder. They are dedicated to helping families find their perfect furry companion and providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. With their expertise, commitment to quality, and range of services, Puppy Boutique is the go-to destination for anyone seeking a happy and healthy puppy. Visit their website or store today and embark on the journey of finding your new best friend.

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