NYC POOCH: Your Trusted Dog Walker, Trainer, and Pet Sitter



Are you a dog owner in New York City looking for reliable and trustworthy services to take care of your furry friend? Look no further than NYC POOCH! As a leading dog walker, trainer, and pet sitter, NYC POOCH has been providing exceptional care to dogs across Manhattan. With a team of experienced professionals and a dedication to the well-being of every dog, NYC POOCH is the go-to choice for dog owners in the city.

A Wide Range of Services

Dog Walking – Keeping Your Pup Active and Happy

NYC POOCH offers top-notch dog walking services to ensure your furry friend gets the exercise and mental stimulation they need. With a team of trained and passionate dog walkers, NYC POOCH takes dogs on exciting walks around the city, allowing them to explore new sights and smells.

Dog Training – Building a Strong Bond Between You and Your Dog

Training your dog is essential for a harmonious life together. NYC POOCH offers professional dog training services to help you establish a strong bond with your canine companion. From basic obedience training to addressing behavioral issues, their experienced trainers provide personalized training programs tailored to your dog’s needs.

Pet Sitting – Providing Loving Care When You’re Away

When you’re away from home, you want to ensure your dog is in safe and caring hands. NYC POOCH offers reliable pet sitting services, giving you peace of mind knowing that your dog is well taken care of. Their team of pet sitters provides affectionate care, feeding, and playtime, ensuring your dog feels comfortable and loved in your absence.

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Why Choose NYC POOCH?

  1. Experience and Expertise – With years of experience in the industry, NYC POOCH has honed their skills and expertise in dog care. They understand the unique needs of each dog and provide tailored services accordingly.

  2. Professional and Passionate Team – The team at NYC POOCH is composed of dedicated professionals who have a genuine love for dogs. They are committed to providing the best possible care and ensuring the well-being of every furry client.

  3. Convenient Location – Located at 235 W 76th St, New York, NY 10023, NYC POOCH is easily accessible for dog owners in Manhattan.

  4. Positive Reviews – With a solid rating of 4.8 out of 5 and glowing reviews from satisfied customers, NYC POOCH has built a strong reputation for its exceptional services.

  5. Flexible Working Hours – NYC POOCH offers flexible working hours from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 AM to 6 PM, ensuring that your dog’s needs are met at your convenience.

Customer Testimonial

“I couldn’t be happier with the services provided by NYC POOCH. Their dog walkers are fantastic, and my pup always comes back happy and tired. Highly recommended!” – Sarah R.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to provide my own leash and collar for dog walks?
    NYC POOCH provides all necessary equipment, including leashes and collars, ensuring the safety of your dog during walks.

  2. Are the trainers at NYC POOCH certified?
    Yes, all trainers at NYC POOCH are certified professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in dog training.

  3. Can I schedule recurring dog walks?
    Absolutely! NYC POOCH offers recurring dog walks, allowing you to set a regular schedule for your dog’s exercise needs.

  4. What if my dog has specific dietary requirements?
    NYC POOCH accommodates specific dietary requirements and can administer medications as instructed by the owner.

  5. Do I need to be present during the dog training sessions?
    While it’s recommended to be present during the initial training sessions, NYC POOCH can accommodate different arrangements based on your needs.

  6. Is NYC POOCH insured and bonded?
    Yes, NYC POOCH is fully insured and bonded, providing additional peace of mind for dog owners.

  7. Can I request references from other clients?
    NYC POOCH can provide references upon request, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

  8. Are there any additional fees for weekend pet sitting?
    NYC POOCH offers pet sitting services at the same rates throughout the week, with no additional fees for weekends.

  9. Can I track my dog’s walks?
    NYC POOCH provides a mobile app that allows you to track your dog’s walks in real-time, giving you visibility and peace of mind.

  10. How far in advance should I book pet sitting services?
    It’s recommended to book pet sitting services at least a week in advance to ensure availability.

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NYC POOCH is your trusted partner for all your dog’s needs. Whether you’re looking for reliable dog walking, professional training, or caring pet sitting services, NYC POOCH has you covered. With their experienced team, passion for dogs, and dedication to exceptional service, NYC POOCH ensures the well-being and happiness of every furry client. Visit their website to learn more and give your dog the care they deserve.

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