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New York Walk & Train: The Ultimate Dog Walker in Manhattan

New York Walk & Train

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Are you a dog owner in Manhattan looking for a reliable and professional dog walker? Look no further than New York Walk & Train! With a range of services including dog walking, dog day care, dog training, kennel services, and pet sitting, New York Walk & Train is your one-stop solution for all your dog care needs.


Owning a dog is a joyful experience, but it also comes with responsibilities. As a dog owner, you have to ensure that your furry friend gets enough exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation. However, with a busy schedule, it can be challenging to give your dog the attention they deserve. That’s where New York Walk & Train comes in.

Dog Walker Services

Professional Dog Walking

At New York Walk & Train, we understand that every dog has unique needs. Our professional dog walkers are experienced in handling dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. We offer personalized walking sessions tailored to your dog’s specific requirements. Whether your dog needs a leisurely stroll or an energetic run, our walkers will ensure they get the exercise they need.

Dog Day Care Center

If you’re away for the day and don’t want your dog to be home alone, our dog day care center is the perfect solution. Your dog will enjoy a day filled with playtime, socialization, and supervised activities. Our spacious and secure facility provides a safe environment for dogs to have fun and make new friends.

Dog Training

Is your dog exhibiting behavioral issues or in need of some basic obedience training? Our professional dog trainers can help. We use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog good manners and address any behavior problems. From puppy training to advanced obedience, we offer a range of training programs to suit your dog’s needs.

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Kennel Services

Planning a vacation or a business trip? Leave your dog in safe hands at our kennel facility. Our comfortable and clean kennels provide a temporary home for your dog while you’re away. With ample space, regular exercise, and individualized care, we ensure that your dog feels loved and cared for during their stay with us.

Pet Sitting

If your dog prefers to stay in their familiar surroundings, our pet sitting service is an excellent option. Our experienced pet sitters will visit your home to feed, walk, and play with your dog. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs and ensure that your dog receives personalized attention in the comfort of their own home.

About New York Walk & Train

New York Walk & Train is a premier dog walking service in Manhattan. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we strive to provide the best possible care for your four-legged companion. Our focus is on ensuring your dog’s happiness, health, and well-being.

Contact Information

  • Phone: +1 917-843-4796
  • Address: 573 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016
  • Website:

Working Hours

  • Monday: 9AM-5PM
  • Tuesday: 9AM-5PM
  • Wednesday: 9AM-5PM
  • Thursday: 9AM-5PM
  • Friday: 9AM-5PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


New York Walk & Train is the go-to dog walker in Manhattan. With a wide range of services, a team of experienced professionals, and a genuine love for dogs, we are your trusted partner in providing the best care for your furry friend. Contact us today and give your dog the attention, exercise, and socialization they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does dog walking cost at New York Walk & Train?
At New York Walk & Train, dog walking prices vary based on the duration and frequency of walks. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

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2. Are the dog walkers at New York Walk & Train trained to handle aggressive dogs?
Yes, our professional dog walkers are trained to handle dogs of all temperaments, including aggressive dogs. We prioritize safety and ensure that our walkers have the skills and knowledge to handle any situation.

3. Can I book dog walking services on weekends?
Unfortunately, we do not offer dog walking services on weekends. However, our dog day care center and kennel services are available during weekdays.

4. Are there any breed restrictions for dog walking at New York Walk & Train?
No, we do not have any breed restrictions. We welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes.

5. How can I book dog walking services at New York Walk & Train?
To book dog walking services, please call us at +1 917-843-4796 or visit our website

6. Is New York Walk & Train licensed and insured?
Yes, New York Walk & Train is fully licensed and insured. The safety and well-being of our clients and their dogs are our top priorities.

7. Can I tour the facility before booking dog day care or kennel services?
Yes, we encourage clients to visit our facility and meet our team before booking dog day care or kennel services. Please contact us to schedule a tour.

8. Are there any discounts available for long-term dog walking contracts?
Yes, we offer discounts for long-term dog walking contracts. Please contact us for more information.

9. Do you provide updates on my dog’s activities during their stay at the dog day care center or kennel?
Yes, we provide regular updates and photos of your dog’s activities while they are in our care. You can rest assured knowing that your dog is having a great time.

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10. Is New York Walk & Train available for emergency pet sitting?
Yes, we offer emergency pet sitting services. Please contact us as soon as possible to check for availability.