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Jasperranch Rottweilers: Your Trusted Dog Breeder

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Jasperranch Rottweilers

Are you looking for a reputable dog breeder to bring home a loving and loyal Rottweiler? Look no further than Jasperranch Rottweilers! With years of experience and a passion for raising healthy and well-socialized puppies, Jasperranch Rottweilers is the name you can trust.


Finding a responsible dog breeder is crucial when looking for a new furry family member. Jasperranch Rottweilers is a well-established dog breeder known for their exceptional Rottweiler puppies. Located at 3224 30th St, Long Island City, NY 11106, Jasperranch Rottweilers is conveniently situated in the heart of Long Island City, New York.

Why Choose Jasperranch Rottweilers?

Quality Rottweiler Puppies

At Jasperranch Rottweilers, we are committed to breeding Rottweilers of the highest quality. Our puppies are carefully selected from champion bloodlines to ensure health, temperament, and conformation. We prioritize the well-being of our puppies by providing them with a loving and nurturing environment from day one.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Breeders

Our team of experienced breeders at Jasperranch Rottweilers has a deep understanding of the Rottweiler breed. We have spent years studying their characteristics, traits, and health requirements. This expertise allows us to produce puppies that embody the best qualities of the breed.

Health Guarantee

We take the health of our puppies seriously. All our puppies come with a health guarantee, ensuring that they are free from genetic disorders. We follow responsible breeding practices and conduct thorough health screenings to ensure the well-being of our puppies.

Socialization and Training

At Jasperranch Rottweilers, we believe in the importance of early socialization and training. Our puppies are exposed to various stimuli, including different sounds, environments, and people. This helps them develop into well-rounded and confident Rottweilers, ready to adapt to any situation.

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Ongoing Support

Our commitment to our puppies and their new families doesn’t end when you take your new companion home. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and a lifetime of happiness for both you and your Rottweiler.

Our Location

Jasperranch Rottweilers is situated at 3224 30th St, Long Island City, NY 11106. Located in the beautiful city of Long Island City, our facility provides a safe and comfortable environment for our dogs and puppies.

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FAQs about Jasperranch Rottweilers

  1. Can I visit Jasperranch Rottweilers to meet the puppies?
    Yes, we welcome visitors who are interested in meeting our puppies. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

  2. Are your Rottweiler puppies registered?
    Yes, all our Rottweiler puppies are registered with reputable kennel clubs.

  3. What health screenings do you perform on your breeding dogs?
    We conduct comprehensive health screenings, including hip and elbow evaluations, as well as genetic testing for common breed-specific conditions.

  4. How do I reserve a puppy?
    To reserve a puppy, please reach out to us via phone or email. A deposit will be required to secure your chosen puppy.

  5. Do you offer shipping services for puppies?
    Yes, we can arrange safe and comfortable transportation for your puppy to your location.

  6. What should I expect during the adoption process?
    During the adoption process, we will guide you through the necessary paperwork, provide you with information on caring for your new puppy, and answer any questions you may have.

  7. Do you provide a health guarantee for your puppies?
    Yes, all our puppies come with a health guarantee, ensuring their well-being.

  8. What is the best age to bring a Rottweiler puppy home?
    Ideally, Rottweiler puppies should be brought home between 8 and 12 weeks of age.

  9. Do you offer training services for Rottweilers?
    While we do not offer training services ourselves, we can provide recommendations for reputable dog trainers in your area.

  10. Can I contact you if I have questions or need assistance after bringing my puppy home?
    Absolutely! We are always available to offer support and guidance throughout your Rottweiler’s life.

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If you’re in search of a reputable Rottweiler breeder, look no further than Jasperranch Rottweilers. With their commitment to breeding high-quality, healthy, and well-socialized puppies, you can trust them to provide you with a loyal and loving companion. Contact Jasperranch Rottweilers today to start your journey towards finding your perfect Rottweiler puppy.

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